You’re Invited (#7)

This is an invitation to disconnect from all external distractions and reconnect with your most powerful source: YOU.  As I said in last month’s blog, every month throughout 2020 I’m going to post a piece of writing without weaving it into a bigger theme or placing context around it.  Read the selection and pay attention to what thought or feeling first comes to mind and then spend a few moments with that awareness (no excuses!  A minute will suffice if that’s what’s available).  Let whatever it is that wants to rise up, rise up – no judgements, no expectations.  Feel free to write, draw, or share your experience in whatever way feels right for you…remember, though, the goal isn’t to do something this instant.  Just notice and be curious (aka being mindful).  

Month 7 of the 12 month invitation to insight:

“Most individuals do not penetrate deeply enough into their core essence to touch their true nature of happiness. Instead, they are content to remain on the surface, looking everywhere outside of themselves to ‘find’ what has never been lost. They let the dictates of society, religion, celebrities, media, advertising, and television do the work of defining happiness and how it may be experienced. As long as this is the depth of an individual’s seeking, only disappointment can result. We realize happiness at the level of our understanding of happiness.”
(Michael Bernard Beckwith)