The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have the privilege of working with amazing people every day – people whom, in this space, I refer to as clients.  More often than not, when I first meet them, they are anxious, uncertain of the process, quick to cry despite their deepest wish not to, and/or wanting change and afraid of it all at the same time.  This is such a tender and tenuous experience for both of us; they’re deciding if they can tolerate the surge of vulnerability and I’m holding space for them the way I would hold a potato chip: gently enough to keep it intact, but firmly enough to anchor it when the wind blows.  I love this sacred dance between us.  We’re both finding our rhythm and establishing the groundwork for the ultimate adventure in discovery.  

Not too long ago, a former client of mine shared her experience of this ultimate adventure with me.  She wrote a poem and gave me her permission to share it here (below).  I am certain that she could no more see herself writing these words, articulating these feelings, or embracing life in these ways the day we first met.  This is a woman who was adamant in her belief that I was crazy for believing that her ability to sit with discomfort could actually be the precursor to living her best life.  Her words are a testament to what desire for change and the courage to pursue it can create.  Indeed, there are treasures that lie awaiting on the other side of fear and uncertainty…for all of us.

One’s Journey

A journey along one’s path is not meant to be easy.
Knowing this, be willing to go down the path of darkness with your eyes wide open.
Jump into the abyss of fear.  While scary, the results will be huge in the end.  
A journey comes with discomfort and pain, and, in staying the path, you will remain steadfast.
Know your strengths and embrace your weaknesses, and love yourself, in spite of both.
Trust your progressions and regressions too, and have faith, there is both a reason and a purpose.
As difficult as it is, embrace the discomfort of this change, this is when you’ll progress, excel and gain.
Pick your team well, family, friends, therapists, doctors, etc., whatever it takes to help you succeed.
Patience is a virtue, as we all have heard, let’s put it to practice, as we move through this world.
Commit to your journey, trust it, and all will be well in the end.