The Choice is Yours

Dr. Barry Schwartz wrote a book called “The Paradox of Choice”.  In it, he discusses how too many choices can actually increase feelings ofanxiety, depression, and loneliness.  I see the reality of this phenomenon play out in my practice all the time: college students wondering which major to choose, singles deciding which dating app to explore, families struggling to find time to make time, and people, in general, struggling with the fear of missing out (FOMO) on a better opportunity, relationship, and life situation.  I, too, fall victim of FOMO.  I understand how the overabundance of options that this world presents can seduce a vulnerable mind into thinking that the most constructive way forward is to search, seek, and not settle for anything that doesn’t feel like what a best life should feel like 

The following words are a strong reminder of what’s so easy to forget when fantasies and fairy dust start to dance in your mind and color your vision:

Remember, what none of the “follow your heart” messengers tell you is that eventually the exhilaration of the misguided happiness pursuit fizzles out…maybe not today, six months, or even five years from now.  The day does come, though.  And when it does, the opportunity to choose stillness over distraction, fortitude over fear, and wisdom over whim will be yours to make all over again. 

Choose wisely.