Hope Springs Eternal

Here in Ohio, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the grass is green and I’m still wearing extra layers and a puffer coat more days than not.  March 20 may have marked the first official day of Spring, but Mother Nature operates on Her own timeline.  Thankfully, She never fails to deliver on promises of restoration and renewal.  

It’s interesting, we accept that changes in weather patterns aren’t always predictable or linear, but when it comes to growth and healing – also natural processes – we tend to resist their non-linear nature; when the outcome we want doesn’t happen on  our  termswe often interpret that as unfair, bad, or wrong.  In actuality, pain and discomfort are as temporary as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall when you surrender to their flow.  With weather, we can prepare, plan, and dress for it.  In our emotional life, though, the path forward isn’t always as clear cut, which makes it harder to stay the course and trust the process.  That being said, in my experience, those who abide nature’s flow find relief sooner than those who don’t.  If you are among the doubters, questioning and judging progress and recovery that you can’t see yet, I hope you’ll hold this gentle reminder close: 

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot
keep Spring from coming.” 
(Pablo Neruda)