From the Toys of Babes…

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year.  I love everything about it: shopping, baking, gift wrapping, ornaments, Santa Claus, holiday movies, family sing-a-longs, and, mostly, the buzz of anticipation that starts as soon as Thanksgiving ends.  There’s something about all of the spirit filled festivity that makes me feel lighter, brighter, and more excited about…well, everything!  Inevitably, of course, the day after Christmas always comes and my holiday bubble bursts.  I imagine it’s what Cinderella felt like when the clock struck midnight and her carriage turned into a pumpkin: sad.  It’s hard to see the sparkle of the season fade away and, yet, the missing of it is exactly what makes the beginning of it so special year after year.  

I realize Christmas doesn’t mark the end of the holiday season, but, as you might have guessed, New Year’s doesn’t carry the same thrill for me.  It does, however, invite an important opportunity to think about what’s behind me, what’s ahead, and how and where I want to place my focus going forward.  Admittedly, in year’s past my good intentions for visualizing change in the new year have started and stopped right there – a lot of enthusiastic energy for starting anew, but nothing to help guide or make meaning of it.  I feel certain this year is going to be different.  Here’s why:

My niece received a doll named Dolly Alanna for Christmas.  Like other dolls, Dolly Alanna comes with a book that helps the recipient get to know her.  What’s different is that she shares who she is by describing her values and feeling states rather than material possessions and relationship status:

I am happy
I am active
I am creative
I am kind
I am loved
I am helpful
I am aware
I am peaceful
I am honest
I am laughing
I am gratefulI am making the world better
I am perfect, as I am.

In her wisdom, Dolly Alanna provides guideposts for building confidence, creating joy, and leaving a positive, lasting legacy.  What strikes me most is that none of them are out of reach unless you’re determined to make it so.  That’s how powerful you are!  Rather than setting your sights on specific goals like losing 20 pounds, reading a book a month, or cooking 10 new recipes by June, think about how you’d like to feel and/or values you’d like to cultivate in the new year.  Part of what makes a New Year NEW is shedding what isn’t working and having the courage to try something that could work better.  You are your own Dolly Alanna!  Challenge yourself to enjoy all you’ve come packaged to be able to do and experience in 2019!